Christian Family Movement Ministry Spotlight

Christian Family Movement
What is Christian Family Movement?

Christian Family Movement provides an opportunity to enjoy family faith, fun, and friends. Parents meet the first Saturday of each month at 5:30pm at the Holy Trinity Parish Center. Through the use of Christian-based reading materials and the dynamics of small group interaction, Christian values are reinforced and families are encouraged to reach out in action to others. The Christian Family Movement strives to equip families to intentionally address the concerns facing families in modern society, to help them discover ways to grow in holiness and to bring the light of Christ into their environments.

The primary objectives of CFM are the Christian formation of its members through repeated small acts of service and the constant effort to extend one’s influence. To effect change in one’s life and one’s environment even in little ways, creates “training through action” which is at the heart of the movement.

CFM-USA is a vibrant ministry that brings families together and provides a place where you will experience...

• Opportunities to grow in your faith and live it actively.
• - Lasting friendships with people who share your values.
• - Increased communication with your spouse and family.
• - Opportunities for worship, fun and service as a family.

We all need support to live the life we are called to. Here you will share and learn from people walking a path like yours. You will discover the love and support of friends who will journey with you through struggles and joys. You will build lifelong friendships with families who are striving after the same goal: following Jesus and being his hands, feet, and heart in the world. Here you will be formed and transformed.

If interested in learning more or joining Christian Family Movement, contact Jeff at