Why ChristLife?

ChristLife is a three-step evangelization process that is changing lives and transforming parishes.




Discovering Christ invites anyone and everyone--from the baptized in the pews to the person who has never entered a church-- to hear the Good News and personally encounter Jesus Christ. Learn more at christlife.org

Discovering Christ

Discovering Christ is a 7-week experience that invites people to heat the Good News and personally encounter Jesus Christ. . 

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Following Christ

Following Christ is a 7-week journey that explores and encourages Catholic discipleship.

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Sharing Christ

Sharing Christ is a 7-week mission that trains Catholics to share Jesus Christ with others and invite them to be a part of the Church.

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Meal & Fellowship

The meal is a time to welcome guests with hospitality, foster relationships, and grow in friendship with one another.


The prayer time consists of offering the time to the Lord and helping everyone become comfortable praying together.

Video Teaching

The video sessions proclaim, with beauty and simplicity, the core Gospel message and invite participants to make a personal response to Jesus Christ.

Small Group Discussion

The small groups are a place for people to freely share what they think and feel about the topic discussed in the teaching.

"There is much talk about evangelization in the Church today, but ChristLife is actually doing something about it… I wholeheartedly recommend ChristLife and all the wonderful resources they have developed."

~ Dr. Ralph Martin, Consultor to the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization