Elizabeth Ministry – Nov 2021

Introducing the Elizabeth Ministry 

Did you know that we have had an active Elizabeth Ministry for over 20 years?  Haven’t heard of the Elizabeth Ministry? 

Elizabeth Ministry is an outreach program in our parish that offers support, resources, prayers and understanding during the joys and sorrows of the childbearing years. Among the many ways the Elizabeth Ministry supports other women is by offering reassurance and encouragement for those pregnant or caring for a newborn, reaching out to those who have experienced miscarriage or infant/child death, assisting parents involved in the adoption process, reaching out at times of infant and child crisis, and continually seeking strength and grace from Mary, Our Heavenly Mother.

"Women of all ages participate in the Elizabeth Ministry – all women are mothers, either physical or spiritual. Each called to support and encourage other women in their own special way."

One of the ways that the Elizabeth Ministry celebrates motherhood is by providing a small gift bag for those baptized here. The small gift bag includes a prayer for mom, a prayer for baby, a book of prayer for baby, and a ‘baptism’ bear. 

These are purchased through funds raised through their annual cookie sale in December. Not only does it provide funds to purchase ‘Baptism’ bags, but it also allows them the funds to purchase flowers to distribute on Mother’s Day. Cookies are homemade and provided by parishioners like yourself and those in the Elizabeth Ministry. 

*Cookies are while supplies last – they have run out on Saturday in previous years.  All the cookies are homemade, provided by participants in the Elizabeth Ministry and parishioners like yourself.

(If you’re a baker, please consider baking a few extra goodies to donate to the cookie sale!  Cookies can be dropped off at the Holy Trinity Parish Center).

Do you feel called to participate in the Elizabeth Ministry, or just want to know more?  Check out their flyer here, or contact any of the ladies listed below for details:

Charlene 309-706-5828, Kristen 309-830-1281, or Kathy 309-825-2434

Or send an email to: elizabethministry@holytrinitybloomington.org