The Bible and the Church Fathers

A Guided Journey Through Scripture with Mike Aquilina

Starting Wednesday, Sept 28th for 6 weeks from 9 - 10 am after the morning Mass at the Holy Trinity Parish Center.  

The Study Every Catholic should take this fall !

In this day and age, in this culture, how can we regain diligence in our faith to strengthen ourselves and build up the Church ? To guide our culture back on the road to holiness?

We need prayer and fasting. We need patience and charity. We need backbone and wisdom.  We need the example of the Church Fathers. Almost two thousand years ago the Fathers shaped the Catholic Church with their teachings, guidance, insights, and sacrifice. Can they do it once again . . . through us ?

This streaming presentation will be Hosted by Becky Vannatta and presented by Mike Aquilina Executive VP at The St. Paul Center.

We hear the voices of the early Church Father even today.  Their teachings, their guidance, their insights, and their sacrifice shaped  the Catholic Church.  – Mike Aquilina

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