Introducing God’s Glory: An Exploration of Genesis


Come join us for the 1st of 3 sessions, a six-week exploration of Genesis, (registration required) including:

God's Creation of Man,
Mankind's Fall,
Cain's Sin,
God's Judgement and Noah's Favor,
God's Covenant with Noah
and the Tower of Babel.

*Future discussions will be added after these introductory sessions. 

Lead by  Kevin Vannatta,  Kevin has a passion for God's "Inspired Word" and has completed over twelve years of  bible study.  Kevin has been a member of the Holy Trinity since 1998.   He and his wife, Becky, have been active in the parish in several ministries over the years. 

 This class is currently FULL - if you would like to attend a future offering, please let us know by clicking here.  

Please consider inviting a friend to share the words inspired by God.