Arguments Against Abortion

Arguments Against Abortion

Sept 18th,25th & Oct 2nd at 5:15 pm

at Historic St Patrick Hall


You may be passionately pro-life, but do you get nervous about sharing your views with pro-choice friends or family? Do you worry that the conversation will become heated and would rather avoid it?

We’re offering this DVD course featuring Trent Horn, staff member for Catholic Answers, as a resource to equip you to defend the sanctity of human life graciously and persuasively. You will learn the same techniques Trent uses to engage Pro-choice advocates on the radio and in public debate.

We will meet at HSP hall Sunday’s Sept 18th & 25th & Oct 2nd @ 5:15 pm. Judge Don Bernardi will be sharing his legal perspective on Sunday, September 18th.

You can print out an informational flyer here.

Did you miss the podcast on Catholic Spirit Radio about our upcoming class "Arguments Against Abortion"? You can listen to the entire episode here!

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