RCIA/OCIA invitation cards

One of the many ways to facilitate the Bishop’s Growing Disciples Pastoral Plan to bring people into the faith would be to introduce them to RCIA/OCIA.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t work on a schedule to just inspire interest in RCIA/OCIA come the fall. There are no breaks, vacations, or time off when it comes to the Spirit and those seeking with the understanding, they could knock on our door anytime and we need to be prepared to receive them.

Although, Evangelization will not bear fruit if we are content to wait inside our churches for people to come to us. Those who are most deeply wounded are out on the peripheries and, like the shepherd looking for the lost sheep, we have to go out to meet them. Pope Francis says:

“Let us go forth, then, let us go forth to offer everyone the life of Jesus Christ.”

Sometimes it helps to remember that none of the first disciples had theology degrees. Most were illiterate. They catechized by talking about their own encounters with Jesus. Any Catholic, no matter how “untrained,” can do the same.

Shouting scripture at people and lecturing on doctrine will not often lead to fruitful evangelization. What bears fruit is patient, loving accompaniment of those who need to hear good news. We need to forget our agendas, leave our egos at the foot of the cross, and learn to follow the will of God, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Everything the parish does, or should in some way,  draw people more deeply into an encounter with Jesus. Parishioners need a love for one another in the way that Jesus loves us. Every ministry and activity of the parish should in some way be oriented toward communicating Jesus’s love.

I encourage you to pray for those you may consider inviting to attend RCIA/OCIA. There are cards available at the back of the church to help initiate the conversation if need be. Please, familiarize yourself with these and use them as a simple way to be invitational as we work on Growing Disciples.

May your day be blessed.

David Liptak

Evangelization & Discipleship Coordinator