What’s coming up in RCIA in September?

What’s coming up in RCIA in September?
Classes started August 24th at 6:30pm
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Sep 7th: Proclaim the Gospel to Every Creature. God’s Love Letter To Humanity Presented by Becky Vannatta

St. John XXII and the Second Vatican Council illustrate how the Church constantly draws upon Tradition and Sacred Scripture as foundations of Church teachings through which God’s Revelation is transmitted from one generation to the next. As the Apostles were commanded to proclaim and witness His Kingdom and the Paschal Mystery, we too are similarly commissioned by our Baptism to “invite everyone to share in the joy of the Gospel” today. Sacred Scripture, inspired by God, the Word of God, His expression of His love for all mankind, is entrusted to the Magisterium for interpretation and recognizes two senses of Scripture, the literal and the spiritual.

Sept 14th: Bring About The Obedience of Faith: Have Faith, That You’re Exactly Where God Wants You To Be

God makes Himself known to us through Revelation in order both to give us something and to draw a response from us. Both this gift of God and our response to his Revelation are Called faith. By faith we’re able to give our minds and hearts to God, to trust His will and follow the directions he gives us. Are you where God wants you to be?

     I Believe In God

Revelation tells us that He is living and personal, profoundly close to us in creating and sustaining us. Though He is hidden, glorious, and wonderous, He communicates Himself to us through creation and reveals Himself through the prophets and above all Jesus Christ, whom we meet in the Church, especially in Scripture and the Sacraments. In these ways, God speaks to our heart where we may welcome His loving presence. How would you convey this doctrine to other?

Sept 21st :A Man, A Woman, a Snake, and an Apple    Dcn. Bob & Shaun Hermes

God created man in his image, superior to all other living creatures on earth. All capable of self-knowledge and entering into communion with other persons through self-giving.  It is through creation and a unity of body and soul the source of our physical life and the core of our spiritual powers of knowing and loving. Why is it that, with the best intension, by our free will, we find it so difficult to do what is right?  But it sounded so good!  Again, we think we know better. How often do we end up eating the apple?  


Sept 28th:The Good News: God Has Sent His Son        Matthew Clarke

The name Jesus means “God Saves.” There is no salvation through anyone else, nor is there any other name under heaven given to the human race by which we are to be saved. God’s plan to save the world has been global from the very start. Christ’s final words to the Apostles precisely present a global scale of their mission. “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” The mission of the Catholic Church is the Lord’s plan to unite all people in the love of Jesus Christ. This unity can never detract from the uniqueness of cultures that pluralism recognizes and respects.  Come and hear the Good News.  How do you consider your mission as a disciple of Christ?  

    The Saving Death and Resurrection of Christ, For God So Love the World.

On the Cross, Jesus freely gave his life as a sacrifice, an act of atonement making us one again with God by the power of divine mercy extending to us the Father’s forgiveness of our sins. It is an act of satisfaction or reparation as he lives out fully the Father’s call to human beings to be faithful to his plan for them, overcoming to power of sin. It is also an expiation for our sins, in the understanding of Scripture means that God takes the initiative in bringing about reconciliation to Himself.  It’s the Paschal Mystery, Christ’s the Death, Resurrection and eventual Ascension, inseparable historical events that moves us from doubt to faith. Jesus says our discipleship involves the Cross, what does this mean for you ?