RCIA February Topics

RCIA Class information

Take the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of your faith as all parishioners are encouraged to attend any or all classes of interest to them.  No registration is required.


Feb 2                      Sacramentals and Popular Devotion                      

Sacramentals. Blessings. Exorcisms. Popular Devotions. The Rosary. Popular Devotional Practices. Presented by Connie Ley

Feb 9                    Life In Christ: Part I                                                        

The Foundations of Christian Morality. We are Moral Beings: Fundamental Elements of Christian Morality: Made in the Image of God. The Responsible Practice of Freedom. The Understanding of Moral Acts. The Reality of Sin and Trust in God’s Mercy. The Formation of Conscience. The Excellent Virtues. Love, Rules, and Grace. Presented by Dave & Molly Kistner


Feb 16                    Life In Christ: Part II                                                                              

Human Community and Divine Assistance: Further Fundamental Elements of Christian Morality: Consciousness of Solidarity and Social Justice. God’s Law as Our Guide. Grace and Justification. The Church as Mother and Teacher. Living with Faith and Hope after September 11, 2001. Presented by Dave & Molly Kistner

Feb 23                    The First Commandment: Believe in the True God 

Sacraments At The Service Of Communion. Look At Christ, Out High Priest. Holy Orders: Bishop, Priest, Deacon. Ordination. The Essential Rite Of Holy Orders. Who May Be Ordained ? Effects Of The Sacrament. The Spirituality Of The Priest. Presented by Rob Woyak