RCIA January Class Topics

RCIA Class information

Take the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of your faith as all parishioners are encouraged to attend any or all classes of interest to them.  No registration is required.


Jan 5                      The Eucharist: Source and Summit of the Christian Life  

The Revelation Of The Eucharist. The Last Supper. The Mass For The Roman Rite. The Mass Is A Sacrifice. The Mass Is A Holy Meal.  The Real Presence Of Christ. Ways Of Participating In The Paschal Mystery. The Eucharist Transforms The Recipient. Presented by Deacon Joe Knapp

Jan 12                   Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation: God is Rich in His Mercy

The Forgiveness Of Sins.  Jesus Forgave Sins. Conversion, Confession, Forgiveness. The Liturgy Of The Sacraments of Penance. Effects Of The Sacrament. Recognize Sin – Praise God’s Mercy. Indulgences. Presented by Matt Sanders


Jan 19                    Anointing the Sick and Dying                                    

Christ’s Compassion For The Sick. The Church Continues Christ’s Ministry Of Healing. A Sacrament Of Healing. Effects Of The Sacrament. The Importance Of The Sacrament For The Community. Presented by Deacon Joe Knapp.


Jan 26                    Holy Orders                                                                   

Sacraments At The Service Of Communion. Look At Christ, Out High Priest. Holy Orders: Bishop, Priest, Deacon. Ordination. The Essential Rite Of Holy Orders. Who May Be Ordained ? Effects Of The Sacrament. The Spirituality Of The Priest. Presented by Deacon Al Lundy

                                The Sacrament of Marriage                               

God Is The Author Of Marriage. Christ’s Teaching On Marriage. Covenant And Liturgical Act. The Celebration Of Marriage. The Purposes Of Marriage. Effects Of The Sacrament. Do All You Can To Strengthen Marriage. Divorce And Pastoral Care. A Declaration Of Nullity (Annulment). Mixed And Interfaith Marriages.  Presented by Deacon Al Lundy