Holy Land Item Sale- September 24-25th

Holy Land Olive Wood Carving Sale

On the weekend of   Sept. 24th & 25th     Mary Abu Sada a Catholic couple from the Holy Land will be visiting Historic St Patrick to market olive wood hand carved religious articles made by the Christian artisans in the Holy Land.

 With the hostilities worsening in the Holy Land and due to the lack of Christian  pilgrims, the outlets for the olive wood hand carvings have been closed, leading unemployment to increase up to 75%,  forcing many Christians to leave the Holy Land in order to find other ways to market their handiwork. but the absence of a living Christian community is very  disastrous for the Holy sites, such as the Church of Nativity and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. 

This sale is to strengthen the Christian presence in the city of Bethlehem the birthplace of Jesus and the surrounding areas. All proceeds will go directly to the Christian families and the artisans who are working in this type of hand carvings.

  They are going to display all kinds of olive wood religious art works such as: Nativity scenes, Crucifixes, figures, rosaries, etc...which are unique and not usually found in religious stores. These crafts make wonderful presents for all occasions especially for Christmas. Their price range is from $5.00 to $900.00. Checks and credit card are welcome.

Please take the opportunity on    Sept. 24th & 25th   to check out these unique crafts and hopefully you would be able to assist our brothers and sisters in the Land of Jesus by purchasing some of these religious goods. Buying one piece will help prevent Christians from leaving the Holy Land.