Corpus Christi Perspective

History and Perspective of ‘Corpus Christi’

From the time of Moses until the coming of Christ, obediently did the Jewish people eat the flesh of a lamb on the Feast of Passover, thus recalling the event of their gaining freedom from Egyptian slavery, into the sojourning through the desert, to the promised land of Canaan. And, after the Temple was built by Solomon in about 950BC, the Jewish people daily offered (via a Jewish priest) two lambs, anticipating a future, prophesied Lamb sent from God, who would once and for all atone for their sins definitively. When John the Baptist cried out, “Behold the Lamb of Gob,” the Jewish people of humble heart would have been overcome with joy and awe, since this was the long-awaited One Who would make the perfect sacrifice for them, and deliver them from the bondage of sin. We Catholics daily offer THE Lamb of God upon the altar of sacrifice, presenting once again the one, true sacrifice of Christ upon the altar of Calvary, whose blood definitively atoned for our sins, and Who abides with us through the desert sojourn of life, and makes it possible  - with our consent - to enter the new and everlasting promised land of Heaven. Let us never take for granted what we celebrate and Who is present as we celebrate the Eucharist: “Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world.”