Children’s Offering Envelopes

For most of my years growing up as a Catholic child, I was issued offering envelopes by my pastor.  This was done for a variety of reasons: to involve the children of the parish in financially supporting the Church (one of the five Precepts of the Church); to make us aware our contribution actually mattered and was valued and to make a sacrifice was a good thing---precisely what we celebrated at every Mass; to groom us to give of ourselves in other ways to God and His Church and His people; to actively partake in this part of the Mass---in addition to the other parts of the Sunday Mass; and it made us aware that it took money/Treasure to run a parish (in addition to Time and Talent) and that stewardship was an important thing, for everyone.

Now that we are slowly moving away from more and more of the Covid-19 restrictions, I would like to re-install the distribution and use of Children’s Envelopes once again in our Churches. In the coming weeks, I will once again give your child (grades 1 thru 8) a box of offering envelopes, containing 52 envelopes which I encourage your child to use.  On the actual envelope is either,  a Saint and his/her biography or information about God and special events in the life of the Church. On the opposite side of the envelope is a place for your child’s name as well as places for him/her to write the ‘Time, Talent, and Treasure’ they are offering that particular weekend Mass.  Additionally, I wish to continue to offer the opportunity for the children of our parishes to come forward---if they so desire---at Offertory time, to actually place their envelope in a specially-designated basket to which I will show them at the weekend Masses for your child.

The amount of Treasure the children bring forward (collectively, not individually!) will be tracked in our bulletin and, when the amount accumulates to a certain amount, I will use the children’s Treasure for specific (and visual) things in our churches.  Let us all always give thanks to God (“Eucharistia”) and show our gratitude to God by sharing our Time, Talent, and Treasure.  Lastly, I wish to thank you for your generosity to God and to His Church!   ~Fr Stirniman