Have You Been an “Inactive” Catholic?




~ Statistically, not an insignificant number of you who attend (in-person or live-stream) our Easter Mass celebrations are “inactive” Catholics.  I earnestly appeal to you with four messages: thank you for joining us at Mass, where we strive to give fitting thanksgiving to Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Universe, for rising from the tomb after His agonizing suffering and death for our sins; please seriously consider going to the sacrament of Confession (offered seven times/week between our two parishes . . . or by appointment with me or any Catholic priest) and also returning to Holy Mass every Sunday and Holy Day for you to return/remain to a “state of grace” and know the joy and peace that the world cannot give, but that Jesus can . . . and does; we are an incomplete community of believers in Jesus Christ whenever you are not with us; and, we pray for you every single weekend!

~Fr Stirniman~