A message from Fr Stirniman

An Earnest Appeal for More Ushers and Sanitizers

~ I am very grateful for the continued excellent work of Karen Walch and Alan McDowell and their respective Teams of Ushers and Sanitizers at our two parishes!  Quite simply, they have all kept us safe and well-organized!  However, as we (thankfully!) have parishioners and others returning to in-person Masses at our parish churches, we are now in great need of additional ushers and sanitizers, especially to usher and sanitize the over-flow areas of our respective parish campuses.   If you can find it in your heart and in your schedule, would you please seriously consider contacting Karen or Alan to volunteer to be an usher or sanitizer?!?  To volunteer as a sanitizer or specialized usher at Holy Trinity, please contact Karen Walch at greeters@holytrinitybloomington.org; for Historic St Patrick, please contact Alan McDowell at jamcdowell41@gmail.com.   With the greatest celebration we have as Catholic Christians soon approaching---Easter---we will be in need of a significant number of additional ushers and sanitizers.  Thank you for your serious consideration!

~Fr Stirniman~