First Sunday of Lent Pastor Reflection

~ Sometimes we think that God doesn’t care since He allows us to be tempted.  In reality, God gives us the grace to counter any temptation that Satan might give us.  God allows us to be tempted so our faith will be strengthened---though this isn’t the ONLY way our faith can be strengthened.  Even Jesus, the God-Man, was tempted. [We could conclude that those temptations that Jesus was given by Satan must have been extremely strong ones, since Jesus would have had the capacity to resist an enormous amount of temptation.]  God will never allow us to be tempted beyond our means, but rather, to the point where we can grow in faith.  If we discipline ourselves to consistently resist temptations (by both saying “no” to temptations and by consciously making little and big sacrifices in daily life . . . and by incorporating the three-fold Lenten practices of Prayer, Fasting, and Alms-Giving) we will be more like Jesus, we will be pleasing to the Father, as well as being more joyful, peaceful, and fulfilled with ourselves too!  ~Fr Stirniman~