Alms-Giving Boxes (‘Rice Bowls’) Available

Please know we have alms-giving boxes (aka, ‘Rice Bowls’) available in our churches this weekend as well as throughout Lent. These alms-giving boxes serve as an instrument for us to literally carry out one of the three Lenten practices--the ‘giving of alms’ to the poor.  The money collected from these boxes will directly benefit those who lack the basic human needs of food, shelter, and clothing. [Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is the Catholic agency that sponsors and gives us these free boxes every year.  CRS is 93% efficient in its charitable work (ie, only 7% of the funds collected go towards administrative costs!).]  Please consider obtaining a Rice Bowl and filing it up with coins and dollars throughout the course of Lent.  Closer to the end of Lent we will inform you of the location of the container for you to return your filled-up alms-giving boxes/Rice Bowls. Thank you for your generosity to the poor ahead of time!