A Change to the Outside Mass at Historic St Patrick Church


~ Due to the inconducive nature of cold weather, I have decided to change the outside/parking lot Mass we currently have at Historic St Patrick on Sunday mornings at 8am.  Beginning Sunday, November 8th,  I plan to move this particular Mass to the inside of HSP’s church building.  I plan to live-stream the 8am Sunday morning Mass going forward, as I will continue to live-stream two other weekend Masses: 6pm Saturday evening Mass at HSP; and, the 10am Sunday morning Mass at Holy Trinity.  As long as HSP church building can house the number of attendees inside, I will continue that Mass as HSP; if the future number proves to be too many to properly house the number inside, I will move the 8am Mass to Holy Trinity Church building.  As I do with all Masses (weekend and weekday) I will continue to distribute Holy Communion to any and all Catholics gathered/arriving in the parking lots at the conclusion of Holy Mass.  I wish to thank Lance Kwasny for the volunteered use . . . and the setting-up and maintaining . . . of his FM transponder throughout these many months!